Maria de Lujan Telpuk and the Playboy Connection

Maria de Lujan

Maria de Lujan Telpuk, a former Argentine kindergarten teacher turned Airport Security officer, intercepted a suitcase containing over three quarter of a million dollars in Buenos Aires last year and did not take a bribe to remain silent, as is customary in Argentina. Instead, the young beauty reported the matter to her superiors and was rewarded with a centerfold contract with Playboy Argentina. This incident has caused thousands of other young, beautiful, honest, and perfectly shaped Argentinean and Venezuelan women to look for suitcases full of money all over Buenos Aires and Caracas. It is not important that the money was being carried by a Venezuelan and rumored to be a campaign contribution from Hugo Chavez to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. It is not even important that this suitcase caused a major international political scandal. What is important is that Maria de Lujan looks good in the nude. Miss De Lujan is delighted over her new career but would like more global exposure in similar magazines such as National Geographic and Popular Mechanics. When asked if she was surprised at Playboy’s offer, Maria de Lujan said she was shocked since she didn’t think she had a South American body until now. Some have criticized Maria de Lujan for posing in Playboy but others have said she can be used as the perfect example to show that elusive link between complete honesty and total nudity.

2 thoughts on “Maria de Lujan Telpuk and the Playboy Connection

  1. What an odd turn of events.

    “…What is important is that Maria de Lujan looks good in the nude.”

    How true.
    And sad. (Not sad that she’s beautiful, of course, but that this is what is “important.)

  2. I am happy for the girl and don’t think there is any link between posing nude and being honest. Out of 1000 prisoners surveyed in a popular prison in a popular land, only 1 out of the 1000 ever posed nude had he was a flasher without an audience.

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