Will M. Night Shyamalan be Happening?

Haley and Bruce Seeing dead people and raking in hundreds of millions aren’t the only things writer-director M. Night Shyamalan is famous for. Shyamalan is also famous for creating movie parts for Bryce Dallas Howard, Bruce Willis and Joaquin Rafael Bottom aka, Joaquin Phoenix.

Bryce Dallas Howard - The Village Shyamalan became famous when he made a boy actor named Haley Joel Osmet see the dead in The Sixth Sense, followed by allowing Samuel L. Jackson to roll around in a wheelchair sporting a crazy hairdo in Unbreakable. In his next movie, Signs, he incited aliens to land in corn fields so that Mel Gibson could find God again. His follow up big budget movies, The Village and Lady in the Water, contained not only good acting and Bryce Dallas Howard, but also his Hitchcock trademark cameo appearances and visual silence.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to make his financiers and the critics happy and they wanted more money and less art.  Shyamalan has been called the next Spielberg by Newsweek magazine but some were quick to point out he is not Jewish but Indian. Shyamalan was nominated for an Oscar as Best Director for The Sixth Sense and this has attracted critics and high expectations.  M. Night uses very little violence, nudity, sex and explosions to entertain and instead uses camera angles, silence, and plots with a twisted knot. This may not be the recipe to please the fast-food public.

On Friday June 13th, Shyamalan’s The Happening will be released and critics are waiting to either jump on his bandwagon or on his head again. From the trailers, release date, and tag line I can only imagine The Happening will either grip us or let us go. There will be no middle road.

10 thoughts on “Will M. Night Shyamalan be Happening?

  1. I saw a movie/documentary on the man. It creeped me out – and I think that was exactly what the producers intended – to feed the myths about the man himself.

    His movies are definitely not run of the mill – and I like being surprised now and then. I’ll make a point of checking this one out.

  2. I find his movies to be different and I like his style. The movie/documentary was a publicity stunt that didn’t work well and maybe it was done in poor taste. I am very curious about The Happening.

  3. I like Shyamalan. Even if there are flaws in the movie, like in The Village, they don’t interrupt my enjoyment at the time and I like that he sticks to his style.
    I will watch this…Mark Wahlberg as a teacher. Hmm. I like him, I do, I think he does a great job in most of his movies, but this I have to see. And was that John Leguizamo? Well he can be really different.

  4. Not sure what’s with the the commonality of M. Night slagging. I think the guy is doing great (and creative) things with his movies, unlike the rest of turds coming out every year.

    Anyone who feels otherwise can kiss my white ass.

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