Erotic Messages – Finnish Style

Johanna Tukiainen and Ikka Kanerva
The Finnish Foreign Minister is finally finished and I couldn’t resist saying that. Ikka Kanerva, the Finnish Foreign Minister, was fired today after it was discovered he sent some rather erotic text messages to an erotic dancer. He was fired, not because he is almost 60 years old and the erotic dancer was a 29-year-old former nude model and now the leader of an erotic dance ensemble called the Scandinavian Dolls. Ikka Kanerva was fired because he text messaged the dancer 200 times but initially denied he ever did. He probably forgot he sent the messages on his government issued cell phone paid for with public funds. When asked about the content of the messages he was quoted as saying: “I would not present them in Sunday School, but they are not totally out of line either.”

Johanna Tukiainen
The National Coalition Party, which Kanerva is a member, decided he should be sacked because he now lacked public trust. According to news reports, in 2005 Kanerva, when he was deputy speaker, was also involved in a text messaging scandal when it was alleged he sent a number of inappropriate messages to two models. It now appears that Kanerva will finally be attending those TMA (Text Messaging Anonymous) meetings.

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