Carla Bruni and The Model’s Man

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni, First Lady of France, has the best bosom of any First Lady of any country in the history of First Ladies and she has the pictures to prove it. She is one of the most photographed models in the world and is financially successful. Carla Bruni not only makes a fortune from modeling and singing, but is the heiress to a manufacturing fortune. So why did 41 year-old Carla Bruni marry 53 year old Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France, in 2008? Maybe love, maybe sex, maybe boredom, maybe a shortage of good men? Who knows?

Sarkozy and Bruni

Over the years, First Ladies were thought to be the battleships World leaders needed while they sorted out World Peace and melting icecaps. These First Ladies were better implied than stated in public and rightly so. This has now changed and there is a new trend in World Leadership where First Ladies will be called on to not only be role models, but also models and centerfolds. Citizens are, quite frankly, fed up of the nice personality and want nice legs as well. They want a Princess Di, not a Barbra Bush. Citizens want their First Ladies to lead from the top, and maybe even from behind. The First Lady of the future must be controversial and have dated Donald Trump on at least one occasion, but preferably before marriage. She must be able to turn heads to her, and not away in breakneck fashion.

Carla Bruni at the Cannes Film Festival
Drop-dead-gorgeous is the new requirement for good governance and Nicholas Sarkozy was one of the first Heads to understand this. Drop-dead-gorgeous reduces the stress of a nation and Sarkozy appears to understand this only too well. He is a man for the people and can even be called a model’s man. No doubt other leaders will follow suit sooner rather than before it’s too late.

4 thoughts on “Carla Bruni and The Model’s Man

  1. In her arrival in London yesterday, I thought Carla was rather a lovely combo of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in her appearance and couture. Her hat was a lovely modern take on the Jackie pillbox, her ensemble was a modest gray, and her shoes were ballerina flats a la Audrey. Parfait!

    Now as to first ladies, Michelle is always stunning in her suits which are also 21st century elegant with a splash of the past.
    Bill of course has his own sartorial style. On the Republican side, well let’s just not go there I don’t think I could stand it.

    But then I am talking about fashion and you are NOT.

    Best, O.

  2. I have always been a keen supporter of elegance and beauty, class and sophistication. I don’t see why Carla Bruni should be considered anything less because she is a model and once posed for some very tasteful nude shots. The French people’s response to Carla has not been the best and I might say even hypocritical. Maybe morality is absolute but I doubt it. She is a breath of fresh air in an ugly and dull political arena.

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