Misunderstanding at the Tarmac – 1996 to 2008

The girl is no sniper

In 1996, First Lady Hillary Clinton landed in Bosnia and was greeted by a smiling child on the tarmac during an official welcoming ceremony, but in 2008 she referred to this type of greeting as sniper fire. In the end, Senator Clinton admitted it might have been a child but only after the media provided video evidence the child was actually a child. Some experts thought it could have been a misunderstanding on the tarmac between the First Lady and the child, but Senator Clinton blamed the latest dud squarely on her wanting to be President so very, very bad.

6 thoughts on “Misunderstanding at the Tarmac – 1996 to 2008

  1. …she also said she has to speak millions of words everyday, nowadays. Obviously they all can not be true. A commentator said in the US President’s race the candidates end up ‘stretching the truth’.

  2. Here is another take on the whole thing. Resume/CV experts tell you to use action phrases and words to describe accomplishments when applying for a job. This provides the strongest impression to move that job hunting process along.

    Perhaps the resume writers have been at work in her speeches creating parallels to such business accomplishments as:

    managed an eleven-person team
    negotiated over $tk
    coordinated strategic five-year plan
    created and implemented innovative approach
    developed new product

    When you or I go onto the interviews we are blessed with no videos of the actual events we are reflecting on our resumes. :>)

  3. poor lady…she may be afflicted with Alzheimers and not truly remember what really happened
    she could be delusional, or remembering a previous life or a a victim of a random astral projection at the time of landing that had her experiencing sniper fire while her body was visibly greeting this child…
    being a plain old liar is clearly preferable to the above!

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