The Pendragons – It’s Magic

I used a Canon digital camera (not a real video camera) to shoot this video at one of The Pendragons’ performances at The Centre of Excellence, in Trinidad. I had this video on my hard drive for almost two years and only uploaded it to YouTube today.

What is interesting about this video is not that the trick, called Metamorphosis, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest human transformation since Superman. What is interesting is not that it was the fastest sex change done in public. What is interesting is that I shot the video while seated in the third row from the front, behind a woman with a very big and bad hair day and I did not even use a tripod or get into a fight.


3 thoughts on “The Pendragons – It’s Magic

  1. Hi,
    Charlotte Pendragon here. I would love for you to contact me and email me some photos! Your video is great of our show…

    Thank you.

    Charlotte Pendragon

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