Jeffrey Archer – A Prisoner of Birth


Jeffrey Archer interviewed by David Frost for Al Jazeera TV

I am going to say to all my friends, and anybody who thinks my invaluable opinion is of some value, read A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. He is back but this book is not a comeback, it’s a Classic.

The following is based on aka_lol’s mind:

“Will the reading of A Prisoner of Birth change my life?”

“I don’t know your life but maybe it will.”

“Will I be able to put the book down after I start?”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Are there many pages?”

“Yes, but like life, money, and good looking women, they go by in a flash.”

“Will you recommend this book to your friends?”

“I thought I just did.”

“Ah yes, and what’s so good about A Prisoner of Birth?”

“I was tempted to say, just read it but on second thought I have to say it is one of those books that remains burning in your mind long after you have finished it, and there are so few books like that. A Prisoner of Birth is also a book that you have to read down to the very last word.”

“Isn’t that a stock compliment?”

“No, but it’s the truth”

“Thank you aka_lol.”

“De Nada.”


10 thoughts on “Jeffrey Archer – A Prisoner of Birth

  1. Would have loved some plot info. I’ve read Jeffery Archer before and liked it so I will probably put it on hold at the library. Thanks for the review.

  2. One of the best books I have ever read. Archer does it again – A Prisoner of Birth is (just about) as good as Kane and Abel. (That will always be one of my favorites) Thank you, Mr. Archer!

  3. Just finished with this book 5 minutes back. True to the author’s word, couldn’t put down the book before reaching the last word. Undeniably one of the most engrossing, powerful and head-spinning reads I have had. Must read for all fiction lovers. It does make one wonder ‘Would I not like to go through all and trade places with the protagonist of the story!’

  4. Vaibhav, I suppose prison does have its pluses 🙂

    A Prisoner of Birth is a great story and very well written. I understand Jeffrey Archer is saying it probably is his best work of fiction.

  5. hi…i wonder whether i’m the only one who felt that “A Prisoner of Birth” was good, though easily NOT in Archer’s top 5…a lot of it was quite predictable. unlike his other books, especially “Kane and Abel” and “Prodigal’s Daughter”, this one did not leave me feeling WOW! nor did it have me reaching for the first page in order to read it all over again, this time savouring every little twist and turn. in fact, i regretted having bought the book…ought to have waited for it to turn up in the library…my golden rule is that i only buy the books i can read a zillion times!!

  6. A Prisoner of Birth is light reading and fun. Maybe in the years to come it might either be considered as a great work of literature or forgotten. Only time will tell. I liked A Prisoner of Birth and I liked how well the story flowed, even though predictable at times. I never read five Jeffrey Archer books so I can’t say how they compare to his latest. I don’t have any regrets buying the book and since I loaned it out enough times to eager borrowers in exchange for other books. Archer is a talented writer and that much I can say for sure.

  7. I must say a prisoner of birth is a result of entwined fantasies boiling in Archer’s head. Its no where similar to what Sir Jeff is famous or renound for.
    Too much story telling can be fatal, and so is this novel. The plot is too complicated & very imgainery. Just to believe that someone can pass of so easily as another person (refering to Sir Nicholas & cartright in the book) is difficult to digest.

    Its a good read though.

  8. Hi Loved the book and chose it for our book club. Was hoping to find a questions and discussions section somewhere for club. Anyone can help me out PLease !!!!

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