Eliot Spitzer – Client #9

Client #9

According to a recent news report, Mr. Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York is being called to resign after it was revealed he hired a high-priced prostitute. What I wasn’t clear about was why the stress on high-priced. Are his detractors saying he should have gone for a low-priced prostitute instead? Is the crime one of hiring a prostitute, or the price of the prostitute? Should he have negotiated a better rate or report the scandalous fee of $1,000 per hour to the Prices Commission? Is the crime one of hiring a prostitute in the office that he is in or independent of that? Was the aim of the news report to create fantasies in the minds of readers of high-priced versus low-priced? The news report never suggested a price range for low-priced prostitutes so I assume the reporter was quite sure the price was high.

Naturally, it’s wrong to hire a prostitute regardless of price and especially if you have many enemies, get caught, and the subject of news reports and prominent blogs. Maybe the news would not have been so dramatic if Mr. Spitzer had contracted the services of a low-priced prostitute. I don’t know.

Give Him A Breakeliot-2.jpgAshley Alexandra DupreAshley Alexandra Dupre
Seriously though, I think we expect too much from politicians, a profession which has a worse reputation than prostitution and infinitely more destructive. Some of Spitzer’s supporters are suggesting he be given a break but I thought Giving Him a Break is what started this entire fiasco to begin with.

7 thoughts on “Eliot Spitzer – Client #9

  1. So true. It should be the prostitute more ashamed of her affliation to the politicians. But she has no office to step down from.

  2. It is an outrage! He completely failed to solicit bids. Contracts for hookers, like anti-flack vests, should always go to the lowest bidder. Furthermore, this is completely unfair to the other hookers, who were not given ample opportunity to seek Mr. Spitzer’s business.

    (I wonder who clients 1 – 8 are.)

  3. Matt, I agree. The Mayor violated the tender procedure and now citizens are wondering if The Mayor got value for money, i.e was it worth it. It might not have been practical to have any and every hooker send in bids, since the Mayor’s office probably doesn’t have enough qualified staff to evaluate the flood of bids properly. There are a few questions that still remain unanswered and one is couldn’t this have been done in-house as opposed to contracting out the services?

    Client 1 to 8 and 10 would be coming soon.

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