Almost Nude – A Quest For Happiness

Lohan almost nude

Most ancient books of Wisdom agree that you can tell how happy citizens of any country are by examining aerial snapshots of major road networks during the peak hours, the faces of the citizens while they try to access public services, the arrogance and delusions of politicians, the price of cheese, the reliability of the Internet Services Providers and the amount of times birds crap on the cars of ordinary citizens right after they are washed on a Sunday afternoon.

There are no guarantees that if you do good deeds you will be happy or reduce your chances of being a victim of crime since criminals, like politicians and gun toting cowards, don’t know or care how kindhearted you are. The fact is that bad things happen to good people more often than the odds would suggest and you only have to look at how many times politicians steal from and lie to their own children and other citizens. Similarly, good things happen to bad people and some even win elections.

Despite adverse and desperate situations, there are people in many other countries worldwide who are happy, or seem to be. Sometimes this happiness comes about by an acceptance of the fact that you can’t fight City Hall and sometimes it comes from antidepressants. It is doubtful that people of yesteryear were happier than people of today because the history of the World is the history of bloodshed, war, deceit, the Yugo and haircuts of the Sixties. The history of the future will be no different.

It is human nature to strive for happiness and to go to extreme measures, like shaving the last remaining hairy parts of one’s body, or posing nude behind a silk scarf, when happiness seems elusive. Everyday scores of new books and magazines – not including porn – promoting happiness are published, yet people are only briefly happier. Our desire to be happy is the reason we want to live and the reason we want others to die. I doubt there is an easy way to become happy if you don’t have a reliable high speed Internet connection, or support a winning cricket team. Happiness is a quest and only recently became one of the top ten Wonders of the World because no one knows exactly how it was constructed or how it even got here.


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