Cloverfield – A Camcorder Gone Mad


“My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, uh, some *thing* attacked the city. Um, if you found this, if you’re watching this, then you know more about it than I do.” ~ Robert Hawkins – Cloverfield

“If this is the last thing you see… that means I died.” ~ Hud – Cloverfield

“Warning: May cause motion sickness” ~ Cinema Owners

“We have no more shrimp” ~ Movietowne

Cloverfield is a down-to-earth movie not only because it was filmed from the perspective of a small group of friends using a camcorder, or that monsters invaded New York again. It was realistic because it caused motion sickness and did not appear to have a happy end, unless you are a 9/11 terrorist that is.

Warning Cloverfield was based on reality therefore the camcorder batteries lasted just under 1h:24m and had a night vision mode. I didn’t actually see anybody puke or stumble out of the cinema but I did hear cries of “Ah wan mih money back!” and “Don’t touch me!” Despite Matt Reeves’s overdone attempt to make this a reality monster movie, it was a movie worth seeing. The characters were heroic and the Army was typically organized and defenseless. When characters died the audience felt the loss. When the Statue of Liberty’s head came rolling down a Manhattan street the audience sighed “Not again.” The movie was dark, dismal, poorly lit, occasionally nauseous with rodents and camera-shake. It was the truth of everyday life gone worse. Reality shows are normally aimed at those who want to be easily entertained by putting their brain in surface mode but Cloverfield did not attempt to easily entertain. It was made to challenge the emotionally mature and those who are willing to consider the fact that despite our best efforts, life can have an unhappy end in Manhattan.

There is a Cloverfield part two in the works and I am suggesting it be called Cloverfield – Batteries Recharged or I am Legend. Several people didn’t like the uncertain or the more than likely tragic end to Cloverfield and therefore a sequel is needed as an apology and a money spinner. I recommend you go and see Cloverfield and remember that nobody knows what a cloverfield is but only the Army called their monster-containment operation just that.

5 thoughts on “Cloverfield – A Camcorder Gone Mad

  1. I got motion sickness when the Titanic went down…it was either that or the overblown sentiment permeating the entire movie, which I really wasn’t feeling.
    It’s not at all the same feeling I get from a roller coaster.
    This may not be one of the movies that come to the small screen cinema in Guyana, but I’ll keep the Gravol handy.

  2. Some people thought the Titanic was too sweet and hence the feeling of nausea 🙂

    A guy told me today that he got very sick while seeing Cloverfield and he is accustomed to boats and water-beds. I don’t recommend people take Gravol because it can put you to sleep and snoring is not allowed in most reputable cinemas and beds.

  3. Gravol is an amazing drug and was first developed for audiences listening to political speeches.

    Bad cinema is defined as a movie experience where there are more scares off the screen than on the screen – I think this would make a good blog 😉

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