3:10 to Yuma – an imitiation Review

10 to Yuma

The following is aka’s false impression of a teen’s review of 3:10 to Yuma in one simple sentence.

My mom, who is still an adult, wanted to see 3:10 to Yuma but I and my sister didn’t want to go, after all it was a western and we don’t like westerns since we are very young and was brought up by special effects which are nice to look at, especially when someone gets their blood splattered by an axe or blown to bits by a bomb or missile for no reason because it looks so real these days, I think, and real looking is what young people want because young people just simply love grossness inside and outside, but I admit I never seen a western before but my friend told me his grand dad only looks at westerns everyday while sipping rum and coke before he passes out about lunchtime so if they are so bad to get his grand dad to pass out then I don’t think I want to see a western even if my mom said we must open our minds to new things, such as full stops and it is a new movie that stars Russell Crow and that dreamy hunk Christian Bale but we did end up seeing the movie because families are not real democratic and we didn’t pass out but my mom did.

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