MacBook Air

Steve Jobs holding MacBook Air

Being Innovative and the best is what Apple Inc is famous for so it was not surprising that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, cofounder and bad boy, launched the MacBook Air, the thinnest working laptop in the Universe and Japan. The MacBook Air is so thin that the prototype was lost in at the Apple Headquarters for almost two weeks before it was accidentally found tucked away in a manila folder belonging to a senior manager along with a couple sheets of paper with important doodles from a recent Apple’s executive meeting. This laptop is aimed at those who can afford the courage to fork out at least US$1,799.00 for a chance to impress the impressionable.

The MacBook Air comes with an 80GB hard drive, 2 GB RAM, power cord, and display polishing cloth. The thin machine weighs about three pounds or approximately the same as three pounds of butter. Don’t get too excited just yet because the MacBook Air lost its thickness because it cannot play DVDs or CDs without an external optional drive. In an attempt to show Greenpeace it is serious about environmental issues Apple claimed that the MacBook Air was “the first” to have a mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass, a move which delighted the rat and fish population in all major cities and streams.

9 thoughts on “MacBook Air

  1. what happens if you accidentally sit on it? (everyone at some point must have accidentally say on their laptops, don’t deny it) or it slips from your hand because it’s so light?

  2. i spar with my bf every now and then 😉
    i’m not an addict but i love the beauty and cuteness of mac (pls don’t hate me..haha)

  3. You are right paradigma, Apple makes the best looking products but sometimes Samsung can be beautiful. The Samsung plasma and LCD TVs are the best looking in the industry. With consumer electronics, looks are almost everything.

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