IMDB – Top Ten Celebrities for 2007


Here are my unwanted comments on IMDB’s top 10 celebrities for 2007.

10. Tom Cruise managed to create some degree of public curiosity in 2007 even with his latest box-office bomb Lion of the Lambs. His claim to fame is his ability to produce good acting performances despite being handicapped with his physical appearance and friendship with the Beckham clan.

9. Matt Damon was voted Sexiest Man of the year 2007 but faced stiff competition from yours truly, who withdrew at the last minute for obvious reasons. Being voted Sexiest Man Alive is not something men want to be burdened with since trying to live up to expectations can leave a man bedridden, but happy. Matt (the actor and possibly the blogger) was made very popular with the anti-Bond crowd when he showed to the world what a real secret agent is supposed to be – unsmiling and deadly, not womanizing and womanizing. But Bond seems happier.

8. I saw Lindsay Lohan in two movies, Herbie Fully loaded and Bobby, but I can’t remember her in either. I have no idea what extra curricular activities she is famous for and never heard too much about her 2007 movie efforts. Lindsay Lohan came in at number 8, which goes to show I have no business commenting on her popularity.

7. Zac Efron is even more unknown to me but he did create more public curiosity than Lindsay Lohan only he is not as good looking. His popularity may stem from being raised as an agnostic by his engineer father and former secretary mother. Or, it may stem from starring in Hairspray and High School Musical 2.

6. Jessica Alba is famous for her rolls as Nancy Callahan in Sin City and as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. Both are among my favorite movie characters and both are fond of wearing tight fitting clothes. Jessica Alba looks good not only in movies, but also in pictures eating ice cream, which can be considered both alluring and suggestive.

5. Angelina Jolie has a big heart with lips to match. She is certainly sexy but distracting at the same time. I can never look at an Angelina Jolie movie without being preoccupied with her lips and forget everything she is saying. That is not a good trait for any actress or moviegoer to have. In 2007 she starred in the dismal but nicely revealing Beowulf 3D.

4. Christian Bale can kick butt because he is the real Batman and not some joker. He was the one responsible for giving back Batman and DC comics their good name, which was sullied by recent attempts to revive Superman without the right Kryptonite. In 2007 he starred in 3:10 to Yuma a western with a twist. The twist being it also stared a New Zealander-Australian called Russell Crowe, who happens to be the cousin of New Zealand Test Cricketers Jeff and Martin Crowe.

3. Hayden Panettiere – pronounced Pen-eh-tee-air and is Italian for baker – is a girl and first entered show business when she was 11 months old and appeared in a Playschool TV ad. Her current bout of fame has nothing to do with Playschool or her 1999 Grammy Award nomination but with her role in the obscure TV series called Heroes, and disrupting some Japanese fishermen on their annual dolphin hunt. It is estimated that she earned $2 million dollars in 2007 which can’t even buy the gates for an average size mansion but she is young and can start saving now for the hinges.

2. Bradley Pitt aka Brad Pitt was once married to Jennifer Aniston and once dated Robin Givens. He is now in some way involved with Angelina Jolie and that is why he is still so popular. Bradley was, and is considered among the most attractive men alive along with Michael Jackson and Rosie O’Donnell.

1. John Christopher Depp II a.k.a Johnny Depp is not only the most popular celebrity for 2007 but one of the most talented actors on the Planet. He is most remembered as Edward Scissors Hand, Captain Jack Sparrow, Roux and the Stephen King character Mort Rainey, all successful loners. Depp is perpetually popular because he signs autographs and calls America dumb. It’s hard to say if Johnny Depp is normal but normal was never a requirement for talent and living a good life in France.

3 thoughts on “IMDB – Top Ten Celebrities for 2007

  1. Most incisive summing up of the celebrity year in review I’ve come across.

    Matt the blogger is a cloak and dagger secret agent? I always suspected… I think he’s married, though, so the womanizing wouldn’t work. But he seems happy enough in spite of that. 🙂

    Lindsay who?

  2. Yep. I’m very cloak and dagger. How do you think I uncover all of those stories that the mainstream press can’t get their hands on?

    Aka – Wanted to extend my personal thanks for withdrawing from the Sexiest Man Competition. The standards of male beauty are already unrealistic enough.

  3. Matt, 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liane, thanks and I can’t be serious about this whole celebrity thing unless it involves those with short skirts and underwear 😉 … and female.

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