I Am Zombie


Zombies are ugly, ruthless, blood-hungry creatures sucking the life out of other living creatures and the world around them to ensure its own survival. In that respect Zombies are like humans. I Am Legend, the movie and the book, like so many countless movies and books before, tried to portray the survival of the human race as desirable and necessary, and zombies and poor box-office receipts as the enemy. Like similar movies and books I Am Legend failed to say why humanity must be saved. It is yet another pro-human movie. If you are human and go to one of these save-humanity flicks it’s natural you would be backing the human race and not the zombie family. That’s tribal instinct.

The human race has been leaping forward in the field of special effects but leaping behind in the field of basic kindness and fairness. We are leaving the planet for others who may yet be born but we act as if we will take the planet with us when we go. The earth, or even Uranus belongs to no one except maybe in prison. We treat people as if they don’t matter but we cheer at the demise of every zombie. We build huge malls but fail to provide adequate and secure parking. We eat food from red and white boxes dripping with trans-fat while looking at mindless TV but we write letters to the Editor when the hospitals are overcrowded. We drive at break-neck speeds in lonely back roads, breaking the necks of those who have the audacity to try to cross but we curse when speed bumps are installed. We drink and pace down the highway without realizing or caring how lethal we have become. Ole Years Night Fireworks bring joy to drunken humans but fear and pain to animals. But we don’t care because it makes us happy. We don’t even care we don’t care. We have become zombies in broad daylight and at night.

If the human race is to be saved it must first prove it’s worth saving and so far there is little proof of that. I say give the other zombies a chance.

8 thoughts on “I Am Zombie

  1. ah, but the earth DOES belong to humans. we bought it with shiny beads and wool blankets coated with malaria (which, of course, we stole back). i believe the zombies got Mercury and uninhabited portions of Arkansas as part of the deal.

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