Prime Restaurant, Trinidad – A Review almost in toto


The brand of urinals at the men’s room of Prime Restaurant, Trinidad is called Toto. That almost made my night but was overshadowed by the Herb Crusted Colorado Lamb Chops costing $295, which was made up of two double chops, cous cous, and rioja reduction. The lamb was done to perfect perfection. I was an invited guest so price was not my problem, and lamb is what I wanted. I love lamb but I almost never eat it ever since some clever doctors uncovered a plot by certain diabolical sheep to slowly and silently kill humans. Beef is the catch of the day at Prime and a 16 oz New York Strip goes for $495 while a 22 oz Porterhouse sells for $545. The prices are in TT$ and all major credit cards with sufficient funds are happily accepted. These prices are not final and a ten percent service charge plus fifteen percent VAT must be compounded for a  surprise ending to a happy meal. This jacking-up-of-prices is the norm at fine restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago, and several foreigners and thousands of locals have complained, but only in their cars on the way home.

The waitresses at Prime are attractive and well trained actresses who perform a skit for each table of newcomers before they – the newcomers – place their order. The skit is called “This is what the food looks like” and it is done with precision and grace. Demo plates showing the various sizes of steaks and lobsters, encased in plastic wrap, are presented to the captured audience. It’s like dinner theatre except questions are entertained at the end and the full performance takes almost five minutes. The demo food-models are shown to guests so that there would be no surprises concerning the size of the meat when the dishes are finally served. Some of the people at my table were wine connoisseurs from California, or pretended to be – connoisseurs I mean – so I simply went along saying I don’t like wine, it gives me a headache. I understand Prime has a good selection of wine and they use Rabbit wine openers to open the bottles in the presence of guest, some of whom may be lawyers.

Prime was designed to be among the finest restaurants in Trinidad and in my very modest opinion, it is. But nothing is perfect and the only improvement I can suggest to Prime is the addition of a loans counter and a mini pawn shop. Everything else is just right.

8 thoughts on “Prime Restaurant, Trinidad – A Review almost in toto

  1. re ToTo toilets. We had 3 in a house we owned in Portland, Oregon… the bowl of one was broken accidently and when we went to replace it we discovered it was a $700.00 toilet…(jaws dropped … least we were not expecting such a pricetag) so I expect all the restaurant fittings and furniture are pretty nice.

    Glad we don’t have to commute and work long hours to support that house anymore.

  2. Onedia, you are welcome.

    ToTo makes “prime” toilets and it was in keeping with the whole atmosphere at Prime. Naturally, the cost of the urinals and toilets were reflected in the bill probably under service charge.

  3. I dined at Ruth Chris Steak House/restaurant while I was in Puerto Rico, it’s similar to Prime as to servings, menu etc…its a steak house servincg top quality meats etc. etc. and honestly, prices are comparible. Since it has always been ver hard to find a nice cut of meat int he islands, we tend to pay a little more for quality, I guess it happens to the best of us.

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