The Golden Compass


I don’t know if The Golden Compass is an anti-religious, pro-atheist movie or book but based on the current wave of worldwide protest I do know I now want to see it and read it. For many years, atheist were boycotting religious movies and no one even noticed, but I suppose atheist were always a reclusive bunch, fearful of being beaten up by those peace-loving religious people. I don’t know if the current wave of protest will affect the popularity of the movie adversely but if I had to make a guess I would say it would do the opposite. It’s called the Salman Rushdie effect.

I want to bring a word of comfort to the protesting, and possibly insecure religious people – not that they need any from me, a mere mortal – because I have my suspicion they have forgotten the obvious; atheist simply use logic and reasoning to fight their battles and that cannot, in any way, match an omnipotent God.

The battle is over, the winner is clear. Put down your placards, put your feet up on a chair. God will get them atheist, he will get them with your fear.

19 thoughts on “The Golden Compass

  1. I read them some years ago.
    I didn’t like them.
    Meaning, I could care less whether any character lived or died in the book. It seemed so pointless to me and…well…not an endearing character in the bunch.

    At least with say Gone With the Wind (I couldn’t care whether Scarlet lived or died), the book seemed to have more point…

  2. A good night’s sleep can do wonders and now I don’t feel the need to read the books. I have too many unread ones on my shelf to add anymore to my guilt.

    Considering the fact I never heard about the books before the film protest shows I am either out of it or the books were not very popular before the movie.

    I like the idea of “pointless things” to blog about and it may be my blog-inspiration shortly 🙂

  3. just don’t start blogging about broken pencils and stuff
    that might drive away some readers
    I was also always swayed by Lilandra’s view of the Pullman books and never picked one up. I had strong feelings about Gone With the Wind though – Scarlett needed to be slapped.

  4. Chennette, if I said Scarlett needed to be slapped, the female blogging community would be waving their arms inches from my face, crying abuse and trying to get me to slap myself senseless. Women are permitted to slap anybody during a blog.

    I am never afraid of what books contain, I am afraid we may not understand why the author wrote his book but instead understand why we should not like it.

    People of the rules must say why no one is to do anything that can be fun,

  5. My staying away from these books were not because of the content (well, except for the possible bad writing) – but by the time I heard about them, I didn’t have that much leisure time and Lilandra had that apathetic view towards them. I think I probably chose to read some Terry Pratchett instead. Although the look of Golden Compass the movie is intriguing and the kind of movie I like to watch. It’ll probably appear on tv in Guyana soon, anyway.

    I hope you don’t get any negative feedback for my violence-against-Scarlett comment. 😀 I’ll be sure to say that you didn’t encourage it, and I was a wayward commenter!

  6. I am sure you meant Scarlett needed a mental slap 🙂

    I will take a pass on Golden Compass because I am very wary of the hype and the over hyped. The boxed set of books are now on the bestseller list and they are going cheap. I will probably put up a list of books I bought within the last six months but haven’t read. Most of them are staring me in my face but I don’t respond positively to page-pressure.

    Will Golden Compass appear in Guyana on “legal TV” so soon? 🙂

  7. Until recently, (1st December, 2007) Flow pirated all the movie channels and this went on for years. I was just wondering if something similar was happening in Guyana.

  8. I saw this movie just two days ago. It was amazing. Like any other film, there were things that could have been done better – but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Not just because of the spot on acting and the jaw dropping CG…but the concepts behind the whole thing. I loved it.

    I also have the entire His Dark Materials trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass) sitting on my shelf. It has been there for a while, purchased after hearing a lot about how good it was but unread due to lack of time. It is now my intent to read all three before year’s end.

    Without spoiling the plot, let me say that I can see why the church is so afraid of this film. It is quite obvious once you get down to viewing. And you know what? I quite frankly couldn’t care.

    The church deceives too many people and has done it for too long. Authors have a habit of telling their views through their writing, fictitious though the story may be. When one reads and then contrasts with the real life organization, in this case the church, the parallels are unmistakable. It is no wonder the church condemns this story.

  9. oh, no, the stations in Guyana go several steps beyond pirating the movie channels…
    Just released movies, before general cinematic release, are available in true pirated versions – you know, a hidden camera version with poor audio and people walking across the cinema screen. Wait a bit and you’ll get the screener DVD versions, complete with warnings. And these are shown on ALL stations, including the government channel, sponsored of course, by the (pirate) DVD shops.
    I once watched half of Die Hard in Chinese before someone remembered to change the language track. When someone falls asleep during the late night move, you get the DVD main menu looping for hours.

  10. Well said Sirius and welcome back.

    Chennette, Golden Compass is already on the pirate-DVD shelves in TnT. I never buy them especially when special effects are involved. The ones with the Chinese subtitles and baby crying between the background and the foreground are the best though 🙂

    misti, thanks for the paw print. This blog (my input) is really pseudo-cerebral and I am trying to see how pseudo I can make it 🙂

  11. I’ve just read your zeppelin response. Amazing…

    Somewhere someone had to think, “You know what would really prevent crime? An enormous, bright-white, easy-to-spot, slow-moving vehicle that is completely incapable of actually conducting an arrest.”

  12. Anytime I’m in the backyard and that stupid blimp with its maddening droning keeps hovering around, I pull the top of my shirt down a bit and flash them some boobs: “Take that, you a**h***s, with your useless ‘high tech, crime-fighting surveillance equipment’. ”

    I imagine the PTBs frowning over the image and wondering what crime I could possibly be committing, while the druglords and gangsters all around casually continue with their murder and mayhem.

  13. Please see

    And don’t you get it. T&T has all the fancy cars Mitsubtshi Evolutions, Saburu, a few Porches and even a Ferrari.

    The blimp is for use in high speed car chases.

    Didn’t u ever se how they used a helicopter to catch O.J. Simpson.

    Same concept, its just that law enforcement agencies, here are a bit slower, physically and mentally

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