The Golden Compass


I don’t know if The Golden Compass is an anti-religious, pro-atheist movie or book but based on the current wave of worldwide protest I do know I now want to see it and read it. For many years, atheist were boycotting religious movies and no one even noticed, but I suppose atheist were always a reclusive bunch, fearful of being beaten up by those peace-loving religious people. I don’t know if the current wave of protest will affect the popularity of the movie adversely but if I had to make a guess I would say it would do the opposite. It’s called the Salman Rushdie effect.

I want to bring a word of comfort to the protesting, and possibly insecure religious people – not that they need any from me, a mere mortal – because I have my suspicion they have forgotten the obvious; atheist simply use logic and reasoning to fight their battles and that cannot, in any way, match an omnipotent God.

The battle is over, the winner is clear. Put down your placards, put your feet up on a chair. God will get them atheist, he will get them with your fear.