The Reality of Entertainment


Pointing a camera at someone can change his or her behavior faster than the boss entering the office can. That is why reality TV is anything but real. How gullible can the public get? Reality TV has managed to become very popular despite having worse acting and plots than soaps. Whether it is Temptation Island or The Young and the Restless all TV shows are forms of pseudo-reality trying to appear more real than real life. Reality TV is successful because the public is entertained by it and not necessarily because they believe it is real.

Entertainment was always about being able to escape one’s own reality by momentarily living someone else’s false reality. To be entertained is the reason we go to the movies, read, blog, sing and dance, eavesdrop, or even peep through the neighbor’s window. Without entertainment people see their own lives as either depressing or boring, maybe even both. People need entertainment as much as they need food and that is why the entertainment industry is as lucrative as the fried chicken business. People have searched for entertainment more than they have searched for knowledge causing the latest generation being born with the instinctive ability to use a TV remote and knowing where to pay their cable bill.

Entertainment is not an invention but an inevitable part of our evolution. It has come about for the same reason our urges have, and that is to ensure we have something fun to do at night. We all have a hunger to be entertained and whether it takes the form of looking at the seven o’clock news or buying a grossly overpriced new Toyota, we need it. Entertainment is not an addiction or an unnecessary pastime, but rather it is our reason for living and the best part of our lives.

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