BMW Driving Women

BMW Girl

Why is it that young, beautiful women wearing sunglasses at twilight, driving light green BMWs think all male drivers would stop for them at major roads? Why? Because men have led women to believe that beauty can get them special treatment, not only in the boardroom and the bedroom, but also at busy intersections in St. Augustine. And it does. Notwithstanding this unfairness in life, pretty girls and beautiful women should remember driving is too serious a business to replace caution with gorgeousness. They should also remember sunglasses are a poor substitute for eyes. Women drivers should never assume their beauty is visible through a tinted glass or that all men are straight. Females should drive with caution and be courteous, even to desperate looking male drivers hooting their horns. The average driver, male and female, young and old, horny and tranquilized, is now overstressed because there is traffic-traffic-everywhere. Therefore, it would be wise for all drivers to be conscious of this volatile situation and heed the following advice – Go placidly amid the noise and haste, bearing in mind what BMW bumpers and doors cost.

3 thoughts on “BMW Driving Women

  1. I logged on through the proxy just to say hi 🙂
    And of course to note that the sunglasses are actually functional in my view, in that they obscure vision, which is precisely the point in such circumstances. Yuh know how a driver who going to rush you at an intersection, or trying to squeeze you out of your lane will never look in your direction? As if somehow you don’t exist so they can do what they will. Well, maybe the sunglasses are for the somewhat less brazen. She wants to look, otherwise she can’t drive, or see if you are letting her through, but she doesn’t want you to know she is looking, so she can otherwise ignore you. Just my theory. Drawn from far too many hours stuck in traffic from/to Port of Spain.

  2. You posted the first blog comment I ever got from Turkey 🙂

    I agree with your theory on sunglasses and women. I believe women are experts in practicing the art of looking without looking. Men simply practice the art of staring by staring 🙂

    My prediction on the traffic situation is that it will get worse before it gets worst. We are a country of bottlenecks, traffic lights and selfish drivers.

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