On Looking Trendy – Zune

Microsoft is challenging Apple for a chunk of the looking trendy market with its second generation Zune do-everything-but-that media players. The new Zune is sleek and like a tall leggy model with a short skirt blowing in the wind; it can hold your attention with excitement. The Zune is aimed at making people feel good about themselves and in many cases it can give people a life worth living. The Zune isn’t cheap since having expensive things is paramount to creating a good false impression. Strangely, if you have a Zune and need to appear to be completely trendy you will have to sport the almost redundant iPhone with a Samsung Bluetooth headset. But the show isn’t over unless you pretend to be talking to someone every five minutes in a loud voice and authoritative tone so that everyone within earshot plus six feet will know your imaginary personal assistant has bungled again and your paper plane flight to Japan or Iraq was delayed by five whole minutes. Naturally, you would also need to have a laptop, preferably a silver Apple, failing which then simply an empty executive laptop bag containing the tuna sandwich your mom made. There are so many other things which will make a person look trendy besides expensive hi-tech devices and a stone cold face but I just can’t think of any more right now.


4 thoughts on “On Looking Trendy – Zune

  1. Yes, I forgot those and must get some. I like the color purple, even for hair.

    I just remembered – must also walk fast enough to appear running to somewhere important. Must also be slim and look well gymmed.

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