Beer Price Increase

Carib Beer

The price of beer is going up on the local market and this has caused nausea and poor judgment among the loyal drinking community. One newspaper reported a bar fanatic almost fell off his stool on receiving the news, which was amazing since he normally falls off completely. Others were more than bitter and said they would now have to drink rum and scotch instead of beer and hangovers may never be the same. Some ugly drinkers threatened to stop buying condoms and reallocate funds from their sex life to their beer life. Being election time, one political party promised to subsidize beer instead of milk if it ever gets elected as the population would need huge amounts of alcohol and very little milk to cope with them in government. However, a spokesman for the beer company expects beer sales to climb because drinking is all anyone can do to cope with price increases.


9 thoughts on “Beer Price Increase

  1. That was hilarious. I read somewhere that beer is more nutritious than milk. It sounds like the elixir of life after reading your blog.

  2. i guess you really meant apprOPIATE.
    thanks, i’ve got a seat on your blog now.
    it’s going to be hard to get rid of me though.
    but seeing that you wrote…having the right mind isn’t as common as you may think; you’ve probably got your grounds covered.
    good day.

  3. I don’t want to get rid of anybody right now especially purple people 🙂

    I am trying to brand my blog and come up with a catch phrase to identify my blog with:

    Blog will find a way


    Blog is in the air

    or even

    I am all out of Blog

  4. Matt, I really like that but do you think wordpress will allow it? Their servers may have to be overhauled to accommodate thousands of bloggers seeking freebies.

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