Pin The Tail On The Donkey

The Election Donkey

The principle behind democratically electing a Government is simply letting the citizens vote for the party they think will provide the best Government. That is the principle. What in fact happens is a vast segment of the population support the party they worship as a cult and indeed the party is. A democratically elected government gets there via cult worship and not because of their superior leadership and vision. The tools used by political parties, especially the old entrenched ones, are creating fear, and hate of the other parties. This fear and hate is nurtured by parents, leaders, and politicians with passion. Once fear and hate can be drummed up, a zombie-like cult following follows. More fear equals more hate, and more hate equals more votes. That is known as the secret formula.

Elections time might be exiting and entertaining but it is the time when the true vindictive colors of our leaders and our people are waved for all to see. Listen to the speeches on the political platform and mindless cheers from the crowds you can swear the world will come to an end tomorrow if another party gets into power. There is no analysis by the followers, just blind worship and support. It is for this reason alone the country will continue to plod along and selecting a Government will always be no different to playing the well-loved adult party game called pin the tail on the donkey. Unfortunately, our politicians were brought up to think most of the people are stupid, and sadly, most of the people are.


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