I captured these images form my front porch yesterday at around noon. This is all about dabbling and boredom so if it looks like nothing much then you would be correct. The sound effects were borrowed from what I think is the public domain.

Looking at this I think I have to do something scary for Halloween, but it is not a big celebration in Trinidad and even less so in Tobago. I like the old version of the movie and will eventually see the new version for ten dollars.


4 thoughts on “Rain

  1. That’s quite awesome. I think the second to last frame is my favorite.

    (What do you mean it isn’t a big celebration? What are you guys? Heathens???)

    ((errr… For those who don’t know, that’s supposed to be a joke. A lot of “conservative” Christians in the U.S. call Halloween a pagan holiday or, better yet, Devil worship.))

  2. I knew you would. Had one of those moments of self-doubt.

    They were really good. I like the slideshow – hadn’t thought to do that. You used Windows Movie Maker, right?

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