The Vote, The Finger

The FInger

Vote for the party with the best song, or most stage venom. The party with the most whiner-girls or the biggest bag of chicks. Issues? What issues? We don’t vote for issues, we vote for vengeance and bacchanal. Hear all the old tunes from the old speakers? Songs from the sixties. Carry the country forward for a better tomorrow? That is a catch phrase, a marketing tool, something that the smart use to beat the stupid. There’s no Good Government only powerful people. Democracy is the freedom to choose but when all the choices are the same then what do you call that. An illusion. Some say they care more and some say they will care less for those who say they care more. Some say unite and beat up the other one but if that work then who would they have to beat up next? I don’t care once they don’t beat me; I don’t care who win election. All this talk about crime, traffic, flood, food prices, squander-mania, foreign bank accounts, missing gravel, runaway airport, inner cabinet, outer cabinet and real cabinet is only ole talk. It don’t matter that people thief only who thief. Crime is relative. We happy with every pappy. Nothing to worry about except the highest and mightiest, and the dotish red beret.

Vote like you don’t need money,
Vote like you’ve never been hurt,
And Vote like no one’s watching.
Vote for Ernie and Berth.

2 thoughts on “The Vote, The Finger

  1. I have found that people usually know who should be the last one to rule them. If the system is changed and people begin voting against a politicins and not For any one, and the one getting the least votes against him would win the election. Or loose it lesser than others; and could prove the least disappointing as well.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. To paraphrase the world-weary Macbeth’s “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…” (badly):
    “Politicians and politicians and politicians…”

    Ernie and Bert can have my vote any day.

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