You don’t have to lie but you need to

Dragonfly by aka_lol

This dragonfly was captured by aka_lol on a digital Pentax SLR camera on Sunday morning in the hot sun.

The dragonfly is our friend and like all good friends they eat mosquitoes, flies and rum and raisin ice cream. That is all I have to say about dragonflies.

My grandmother used to say if you do not have anything good to say about somebody then you should make something up. It would appear most people agree and these are the things people say about others at weddings, funerals, engagement parties and any occasion which requires lying. People are generally pretentious and everybody knows none of the good stuff is true and the bad stuff is watered down, but we appear enthralled by all the BS in the room. In a nutshell, there are very few people whose real life doesn’t require creative embellishment to appear special and the truth can be delivered gently at times:

Best Friend at Funeral:

“He was a caring husband and a good father when he was sober, and we would always treasure those brief moments.”

Best Man about the Groom at reception:

“Now that Juan is married I am sure he would crave a good or even better job now and then but I can assure you those days are over.”

Best Man about the Bride at reception:

“Lucinda may not know how to fry an egg or sweep a floor but she sure knows her beds.”

Boss at employee’s retirement function:

“Bonhabon has served this company well and now that he is retiring I am sure he will serve us even better.”

Newly elected Prime Minister:

“I would like to thank the outgoing Prime Minister for all his efforts and if it weren’t for him we would never have won the election.”

10 thoughts on “You don’t have to lie but you need to

  1. Here’s another e.g. aka,
    PM”…I can assure you that some of those houses [HDC] are as nice as that residence [his mansion]…” (overhead in passing while flipping channels)

  2. Btw, lovely shot. There’s a blog I check sometimes where the owner posts his own shots of dragonflies and other creatures he sees on his walks in Austin, Texas (among other things). Your dragonfly shots are similar – don’t know how you manage to get that close without spooking them. His blog is Stone Bridge at:

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