Power in the hands of idiots


It was a few weeks before the election so the boss told his people to “look busy.” Not having a real brain, the fool in charge of highways told his people to impress the country. That was when the idiots created the biggest traffic pileup in the country’s history. Now that was impressive, but the boss called to say don’t worry as his boss didn’t need excuses anymore.

Any idiot would know when the traffic situation is supersaturated any small disruption would cause a great delay. Any idiot would also know when the disruption is a three inch high ridge across all lanes of a major highway, causing cars to practically stop before crossing, is a humongous disaster. Sadly, we are not dealing with any idiots but with super idiots. These super idiots have been orchestrating traffic from high positions at the Division, a place legendary for rampant incompetence and nonperformance ever since contractors realized bribes beat performance any day. It is their culture. While other Institutions strive to become better, this Division is straddled with functionally illiterate professionals who are living under the delusion they are intelligent and Gods.

Power in the hands of idiots is the most dangerous weapon of all ~ aka_lol