Skirt In Flight

The following is loosely based on supposedly true events as seen on TV.

The flight attendant called Ken told the passenger called Barbie her skirt was too short so the plane could not fly. Barbie was shocked and she never realized a skirt could stop a plane from leaving otherwise she would have taken it off. No doubt this would have pleased Ken but he tried to sound strong as he explained to Barbie because her skirt was too short it was causing something or the other to flash and the pilots had enough flashing things to deal with in the cockpit. Barbie begged Ken to stop being so cruel since she didn’t have anything else to wear but Ken, being the sole executioner in such situations, said the airline was family-oriented and families don’t like short skirts in flight and big boobies in the air. Barbie begged some more and finally Ken and the powerful crew agreed to let Barbie fly once she covered up her assets. Barbie covered them up with a skimpy airline blanket and everybody arrived safely except for Barbie, who was hurt over the whole incident and wondered if her outfit was really that offensive since it never offended the families at Hooters.

Skirt In Flight

Eventually Barbie went on national TV in order to expose the airline’s subjective fashion ways and in the process managed to also expose herself to what is now affectionately known as a crotch shot. Needless to say this brief news flash went down well with this blog and the clever cameraman.

I am in full support of the airline preventing attractive and sexily clad women from flying since flying commercially is not a spectator sport. I am also in full support of the same airline preventing ugly people from even buying tickets because ugly is more offensive than beauty and doubly so in confined cabins at high altitudes. Some may argue a little flash now and then is delightful and it gives the male their only reason to live. That’s dumb and we all know to only reason men live is to suffer and die in a poetic fashion. Why on earth must men, even for a moment, be glad to be alive? Everyone knows morality is absolute, a short skirt is nothing to sneak a peek at, and Hooters was invented without a need.

3 thoughts on “Skirt In Flight

  1. It seems in recent years girls have had a contest on how short they can actually wear thier skirts. I do think that the skirt was way to short. She was flying, not going to a night club. Furthermore, what type of appointment do you go to in a ultra miniskirt?

  2. The things men get worked up about. I admit Hooters was a huge letdown for me, and I suppose I’m the wrong sex to ever even begin to understand. The girls are flashing their family jewels? Shrug. Yawn. Next item… 🙂

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