Geography Gone Terribly Wrong

Until yesterday, I had never seen the names of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago swapped on a map, even in kindergarten, and I never expected the reputable people at CNN news to be the ones to do so. The mistake is understandable since the name of the country is Trinidad and Tobago and people normally read from top to bottom except in strip joints where people read from the bottom to the top.

Trinidad and Tobago is one country but they are two separate islands. This was not apparent to the high-paid map designer at the international news agency.  The mistake was funny in the beginning but like all good jokes repeated twice every hour, it became a source of anger for those who knew exactly where Trinidad is and why Virgin Atlantic flying to Tobago is considered mostly mislabeled cargo. I can only hope that this mistake will not be repeated for the next news-worthy event where both the country and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago have to be featured on a map at news time.

2 thoughts on “Geography Gone Terribly Wrong

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  2. Well, that’s a first. Reminds me of that day, maybe four or five years ago, when I picked up the vaunted Miami Herald and saw a reference to “Mr. Basdeo Jagdeo, prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago”. At least, though, they got the name sequence right…

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