Flow Trinidad Internet Services – a Review

02-02-2008 Please Check the very popular TSTT forum for more information on both TSTT and FLOW issues since there are some very serious problems with Flow in recent times.

02-02-2008 Flow, in my opinion as a user and subscriber of their 6 megabits/s package, has not been able to deliver a reliable service to date. Frequent timeouts are the norm and not the exception. It’s sad that Flow, like the other ISP, is also all marketing but no service. I will keep this blog informed if, or when Flow delivers a service I can recommend. If you are already with TSTT then don’t move to Flow because you will be jumping into the fire.

Decide for yourself – No, it’s not a router problem it is a Flow problem and it is just one more. Will they ever get it right? The logs don’t say everything because even when Flow is up webpages timeout 9 out of 10 times. A diaup connection works better than that and I have a 6 mbps connection from Flow. Their gross incompetence continues.

Update 03-03-2008

From my experience I would have to say that Flow is crap. What is amazing is that Flow has exceeded TSTT’s incompetence as an ISP. Try http://www.blinkbroadband.tt/ because I am sure Blink cannot be any worse than Flow.

Update 03-27-2008

Flow is working well and has been for the last few weeks. We will see how it holds up.

Flow Trinidad – The Website:

As of 04-25-2008 Flow Trinidad’s website, http://www.flowtrinidad.com/ , has practically no content for their Internet subscribers. For a tech company that is currently offering cable and Internet services, and soon to be offering voice services, I would have to give the website an -F, 1 out of 5, a two thumbs down. The site is sadly useless and mirrors their help desk. I can only hope Flow is going to change their image soon and they should start with their customer service. If you ever went to Flow’s office in the East you would not have to wait long to be disappointed. There is something about the physical arrangement of that office and its CSRs that gives me the creeps. The Nicholas Tower office is the opposite.

I am hoping Flow’s voice offering succeeds because the alternative is TSTT and their low hanging cables with open joints.  The Union at TSTT seems to be on the path of destruction rather than construction so I won’t be surprised if Flow becomes the dominant voice provider and Digicel the dominant cell provider.

11 thoughts on “Flow Trinidad Internet Services – a Review

  1. Hmm, Flow bites, GreenDot sucks and TSTT is legendarily bad…what are the good options in T&T? Are there any? It can get frustrating, especially if you don’t live in an area people consider to be “town”.

  2. My Service from Flow has returned to normal and I get between 2 mbps and 1mbps but those were off-peak measurements. That is still much better that what TSTT is pedaling as high-speed. I understand TSTT is due to launch its new Internet packages next month which is in response to Flow’s apparent aggression. I wonder if TSTT would have improved their offerings to customers if Flow had not launch an attack? Knowing TSTT, I doubt it so competition is good and it can raise the dead it seems.

  3. Update: my service from Flow is creeping and last night I was lucky to get 128 kbps. TSTT was never that bad. There are complaints from everywhere and the word out on the street is that Flow appears to be dishonest in their advertising. Nobody is getting what they are paying Flow for. TSTT and Flow, what a dynamic duo of bumbling fools.

  4. update: my service seems on the mend and I am only hoping it will hold up. Flow must remember that customers who pay close to TT$400 a month for a service that is bandied about and advertised as a 2 mbps connection, will demand it and excuses for non-performance should remain with politicians.

  5. Ok, it’s not on the mend at peak hours; it is crawling slow. I have a 2 mbps connection and the best I can get out of it during the peak and on weekends is 128 kbps. I think Flow is exhibiting signs of being a grossly dishonest company with a serious technical competence problem. I would recommend that people stay away from Flow.

  6. Actually I just signed up with them and they are coming to install. They say it is definitely 2mbs and now I am reading this and wondering. How long does the 128kbs stay, a few minutes or hours?

  7. Flow is worst than ever with 9 out of 10 pages timing out at the peak hours. Basically, Flow crawls, stumbles, and fall when you need it the most. Outside of the peak it simply sucks.

    Imagine, this ripoff company had the audacity to place a full-page ad on the newspaper encouraging people so sign up. At least they had a picture of a woman waiting for the the Flow bandwidth to flow. She looks helpless and frustrated like a typical Flow customer.

    All I can say is that Flow Internet doesn’t work and I am not alone in saying so. The company appears to be dishonest and technically very incompetent so if you like paying nearly TT$400 per month for a service that doesn’t work then go with Flow.

  8. What I can say is that it is working “fine” this morning but this has happened before. It goes from good, to bad, to worse and all in a blink. I will wait and see if this latest fix by Flow is the final fix.

  9. Flow has been up and down for over 24 hours, which makes the service almost unusable; for me that is. I normally don’t call Flow’s tech support because in the past they had no reliable information on these matters. This new, or is it reoccurring, problem would mean Flow’s service was good from the evening of October 6th to some time on October 9th. This is probably a reliability record for Flow so far. I wonder if Flow realize that they are for too old for new teeth? Maybe they are hoping customers don’t notice.

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