What Lies Beneath


An irate woman wrote to a local daily newspaper and complained about a recent lingerie ad. She claimed the young, well-proportioned, voluptuous, female model in the ad showed more than was necessary to advertise the panties and bras the store was trying to sell. I think the point she was making was that the moral people in our society might have nightmares about this public display of near nudity. I only wish I was moral. Needless to say I am still looking for the offending ad and I hope it’s repeated soon.

What the offended should remember is that one woman’s offense is another man’s delight. Society has come a long way and full circle. We have gone from wearing natural fig leaves to wearing designer fig leaves. We have long gone past the simple fashion statement and gone to the fashion scream. Some women are no longer contented with implying what lies beneath but need to show what really exist. These women don’t take careful aim at a target but rather fire buckshots into the audience, hopefully felling a male or two. Most of the time they leave the wounded unattended and suffering. On the positive side, most men are not easily injured by these random shots and take the slugs with glee.

People must remember that sexy lingerie, like the x-rated telephone call, has evolved out of a great need and it can now be considered a man’s second best friend, or the storm before the hurricane. In my humble opinion, the right lingerie is certainly an advertisement that says better days are coming. It promises the land but regrettably, it may not mean the land is available for immediate occupancy.

3 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Seems I’m also in need of a dose of morality. Why? Because my complaint is that advertisers seem to cater to men only. How about firing some buckshot at us women? Where are all the ads featuring young, well-proportioned, studly male models showing more than necessary?

  2. I agree, and these men should be topless to crank it up a notch further. Most ads are aimed at men and maybe women have not been demanding enough men.

    The main reason we have not seen hunks promoting products has to do with the implications of the names. For example, men will not go to a fete starring The Carib Boys and we can all probably guess Victor’s Secret 🙂

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