But Nothing Changed

The rains became frequent so the grounds became waterlogged. The weathermen were happy to lay claim to the rainy season but blamed the floods on the rain. It didn’t take a meteorologist to predict the weather since it was daily afternoon showers followed by flash floods in low-lying areas. The heavy winds accompanied the thundershowers and nothing was new. Traffic slowed to a crawl and maxis splashed muddy water on clean clothes and shaved legs. The roadways were slippery when wet so the invincible cars ended up waiting upside down in the roadside bushes for wreckers. The daily gloominess made some people happy and the roof scientist were busy tracking down leaks and applying their asphalt bandages to the wrong spots. A good view of the Caroni Plains showed long spans of greenery and boats the size of small cargo ships rescuing the stranded and the frustrated. The Government eagerly gave out flood-claim forms as the people counted their lost chickens and soaked mattresses. Everybody complained but nothing changed.

3 thoughts on “But Nothing Changed

  1. Everybody thought somebody would do something about rains but nobody did nothing. Chinese authorities are busy planning avoiding rains on the inaugural day of next Olympic, which falls during the peak mansoons a year away. Let us see.

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