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aka_lol - Dragonfly

I never met Sir V.S. Naipaul but I came close in April 2007 during a book signing held in Trinidad. He signed my new copy of Miguel Street but first looked carefully at the book, as if taken aback by the cover picture. Maybe he thought the book was counterfeit but it possibly was the new cover design from the American publisher. I didn’t have to explain and he didn’t ask. We almost made eye contact and that was the closest I came to meeting Sir V.S. Naipaul. My V.S. Naipaul blog interview was a creation of my imagination and it happened around 5:00 am one Saturday morning, a few days after the book signing, hence the deranged thoughts.

Aka_lol is obviously not a real writer, but a dabbler in words and sentences. I am famous for being grammatically incorrect and disorganized in thought. In terms of writings, I have very little to show but this blog and few sarcastic office memos. I never attempted to write anything that was long, deep, or meaningful since I am an engineer. This is my blog-life, which if analyzed by specially trained blog analyst, may reveal my life through their eyes.

There is no special theme for my blog other than what I feel to write at that point in time. I don’t have an intentional sense of humor, and I write normal human thoughts derailed by another, sometimes unrelated, notion. The end result could either be funny or strange. It could even be both.

For hobbies, I chose photography as my number one distraction. I have a website which I use to display some of my photos but which has not been updated in any drastic way recently. My aim is not to create a big impact on the photography landscape, but to track down copyright violators and bring them to justice or at least to a kangaroo court. The main purpose for having hobbies is to give life a zesty zing, which it eventually comes to lack.

4 thoughts on “Zesty Zing

  1. Thanks akalol. I have visited your photography blog. Which is indeed charming. Look ahead for your ‘The writer’ kind of writing.

  2. HS, welcome back and I noticed a long lull in your blog entries. I hope all is well in blogland and you are ready to give us some more of that good writing once again 🙂

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