Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin

What is extra virgin, or more precisely, do you know any. Suicide-bombers, a flourishing, yet dying profession, will blow up the world for the reward of a few regular virgins can you imagine what they would do for extra virgins. Extra virgin is a loose and misleading term that should not be bandied about on the streets and especially on supermarket shelves because the average parent is not ready for the questions it may bring during family shopping expeditions:

Son – Mommy, Daddy, what is extra virgin and is it better than regular virgin?

Daddy – In my days Son, we only had regular and even those were hard to find.

Mommy – I doubt your father ever had one…except for one I mean.

Daddy – Year, right. I knew quite a few in my time…

Mommy – …and they still are virgins.

Son – So, should we get the extra virgin or the regular?

Daddy – It’s all a matter of taste and how good your heart is, Son.

Mom – Your father may develop a heart problem if even thinks about it.

Son – Does this mean Daddy can’t have it?

Daddy – Your Mommy says I can look all I want but I have to leave it on the shelf.

Son – Even the extra virgin?

Mommy – Especially the extra virgin.


2 thoughts on “Extra Virgin

  1. With a teenager son of my own, apart from a five years younger one, going out with family often bribg out the issues that are a bit ambarrassing.
    Thanks for explaining the longest non technical word.
    Have you met VS Naipaul in person, as one of your article suggested. May I read some of your work that is not on the blogs?
    So glad to have met you.

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