1408 – You May Never Leave

1408 is a four-star scary movie based on a three-star Stephen King’s story. It stars John Cusack as a writer who makes a living by debunking claims of haunted hotels rooms and overpriced beer-nuts. This all changed when he met the depressing Room 1408, which allegedly killed more occupants than the POS General Hospital. The movie also stars Samuel L. Jackson as the cigar-smoking “I told you so” hotel manager. Many ghosts, and one live, abandoned wife made guest appearances when you least expected. Most ghost were badly dressed and had a tormented look, not unlike people in Trinidad traffic or Trinidad Parliament. The abandoned wife wasn’t too bad considering it was a horror flick.

Spill-the-popcorn was the name of this movie’s game and judging from the crunch under my feet at the end of the show, I would say 1408 succeeded.

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