Live Earth 7 7 07

Live Earth Trinidad

Seven is considered lucky only if you are superstitious and winning. This doesn’t mean the promoters, performers, attendees and viewers of the Live Earth Concert are superstitious or losers, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Live Earth concert is being held on the 7-7-07 to raise funds and awareness of worthy causes – the Planet Earth and beach front property prices. The concert is being held in ten locations on the planet, including the Antarctica, but it should have been seven for effect. The list of performers is long and anybody who is anybody in the performing world is taking part with only a sprinkling of those who are SUV owners, private jet fliers, and chronic bean eaters.

During the concert people and politicians will be asked to make a seven-point pledge and if successful it will change the political climate for a good. It doesn’t matter if you look at the concert but only that you are aware that acts such as Madonna and Huang Xiao Ming will be performing. Global Warming is not a fad or a cause. It is real and it not only threatens the lives of all living creatures on our planet, but our ability to emit more greenhouse gases. I am supporting the Live Earth cause because man has the uncanny ability to destroy himself in his quest for happiness.

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