Cork Ball

What do suicide bombers and West Indian Cricketers have in common? They are both easily blown away. In recent years the West Indies cricket team has become adept in not only losing, but in making excuses for losing. The excuses range from “we played badly” to “Lara make duck.” There’s now a ritual at the end of every match where the West Indies Captain say to the fans huddled around their TV sets, there is hope, and then promptly put on what can only be described as a duck-fest. Fans are embarrassed and hide the shame by faking a Sri Lankan accent. Even some of the players are doing it.

In just a few years the West Indies has moved from cricketing supremacy to cricketing boboley. The West Indies Players Association demand big pay checks but little performance. I have no problem with paying players for work done but to pay them for playing bat-and-ketch with the opposing team is ridiculous. The board is demanding discipline and respect but they get none. The board has no credibility because they have no game plan. The team is bewildered and lacks the fighting spirit, the mental stamina, the cleverness, the discipline, the professionalism and the balls to make it in international cricket. We are unable to learn from our mistakes so we entertain the crowd by becoming the laughing stock of the cricketing world. I have no problem in supporting a team that is trying to win but to support a team that is indifferent to victory is hard to do. But I persist because I can’t fake an accent without migrating first.

Corrective action needs to be taken and if that action means we fire or don’t fire the selectors, the board, the coach, the players, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we beat everybody senseless. West Indies Cricket is not only about winning, it’s about trying, and that is what we have forgotten how to do.

2 thoughts on “Duck-Fest

  1. The board is a problem because they have the typical West Indian attitude that failure doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to the Board it that they hold on to their prestigious positions for as long as possible. The players are no different.

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