There is no love-hate relationship between man and mosquito – only hate and bug spray. Mosquitoes serve no useful purpose and that is one similarity they have with man. Other similarities are; mosquitoes spread diseases and bite people. Mosquitoes evolved around the 9th of June, 170 million years ago and for no good reason. Since then, things have never been the same.

The female mosquito lives up to five times longer than a male mosquito and this has been linked to a diet high in greasy foods and too little activity, making the male fat and easier to whack. Swatting a mosquito is the second most enjoyable thing a man could do, and swatting a male is the most gratifying thing a female could do. Domesticated mosquitoes live within a one mile radius from its breeding site, until they become teenagers and learn to drive. Mosquitoes can detect a human from 100 feet away by sensing body heat and the scent of the human’s CO2 emissions. The mosquito hum is the most irritating sound known to man and is second only to the voice of his wife. The female mosquito sucks blood and the male simply sucks. This is not surprising since all females, regardless of specie or wingspan, are programmed to draw blood from males. Men only want a female and blood type is not important. Mosquitoes can cause havoc and one mosquito at a nudist camp can cause more panic than a plague of photographers with 10x zooms and high-speed Internet access.

The mosquito evolved long before man and only Darwin knows why. But, like the cockroach and political opportunist, they will be here for a long time to come.

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