Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton is doing time for violating a three-year probation for drunk driving and possibly bad acting. She should be forgiven since she is young and has too much money to need a real brain. Miss Hilton was initially sentenced to 45 days in jail but had it cut in half for good behavior and nice legs. Paris Hilton will be serving semi-hard time in a 12-cell special needs section of Lynwood Century Regional Detention Facility, also known as the county slammer. With semi-hard time she will be wearing the same outfit everyday. She also has special needs and to be locked away is one of them.

Paris Hilton has been described as a socialite, heiress, sexy, over-sexed, brat, spoilt-brat, airhead, dumb, blond, dumb-blond, narcissistic, intellectually misunderstood, prison-bound, and enhanced. Half of what you know of celebrities is normally untrue and the other half is silicone. She is grossly misunderstood and needs to learn English. In order to understand Paris you need to put your self in her shoes – preferably one of the pink pairs. She can sell a man anything but it’s not for sale.

Being born of rich parents is no guarantee that the media will seek you out, but a sex-tape and no underwear, especially if female and pretty, is a sure thing. The media craves what the public craves and the public craves a beauty less ordinary and a bald Britney. We make celebrities by feeding their starving egos, and they in turn feed our hungry imaginations, and desperate blogs.

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