The Last Puff

January 30th, 2020

Three years ago the last puff of natural gas made its way through a rusted pipeline and into the last functioning generator to give the last feeble jolt of electricity to the depleted, debt-ridden nation. The dictator, who had squandered the future of the nation on huge concrete monstrosities, unsustainable transport systems and several other nonproductive idiocies, had long since fled the country in his shinny private jet along with his entourage of mindless devotees. They went to a better land and any land was now better than the destroyed and polluted land of this once beautiful country. The people, who for some bizarre reason, were once revered by the rest of the world as the highest per capita consumers of electricity, were left to fend for themselves without even a candle of hope. There was no more greenery as the dictator loathed the color as much as he loathed intellect. The multinationals, which by nature loved Banana Governments, jumped at the chance to plunder the nation and rid the country of not only its greenery but its future. The dictator passionately disliked intelligent people so he helped the crime sector to flourish beyond belief. The flourishing state-encouraged crime industry caused the brain drain to accelerate leaving the dictator unchallenged and the country mindless. Any form of opposition to his ideas was met with the full force of his loyal enforcers. Internationally, he claimed the people were free but little did they know they were only free to worship him. Access to the Internet was closely monitored, and the blogging of opposing ideas was made the most heinous crime in the land.