Diehards, the Destroyers

For a large percentage of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago known as diehards, which party is in power is more important than what is happening to the country. For them, the party takes precedence over any crime committed, human plight, ethical values, logical thinking, or the destruction of the country. For reasons unknown to the few reasonable people left in the country, diehards seem to put party above self, or any concept of God ever imagined. It’s frightening to normal people to see when a member of a particular party does something that is either morally wrong or illegal their supporters cheer loudly and endorses the act with a passion. That is something only a diehard could understand and savor.

Diehard supporters are never concerned about the consequences of the wrong, but only which party the wrongdoer belongs. The obsession with the party makes me feel that diehards are even more dangerous than kidnappers or drug pushers because they promote evil hidden under the guise of national development. I am no longer amazed at how easy it was for Hitler to get supporters to believe in evil. Diehards have constantly shown that they are dishonest, vindictive, pretentious, ruthless, delusional, and destructive. The moral (really immoral) value system of diehard supporters on all sides of the political Atlantic is ripping this country apart and they are enjoying it.

Trinidad and Tobago is rapidly degenerating simply because our leaders only speak the language of hate with passionate venom and encourage their loyalist to do the same. Their mantra is “Hate, hate, hate!!” Our leaders are ruthless and manipulative egomaniacs with evil in their hearts, and not one ounce of love. I have never heard any political leader, maybe until now; speak with compassion. We get the type of leaders we grow, and those leaders grow more supporters in their likeness. I am afraid, very afraid for what Trinidad and Tobago has become because there is no light at the end of the tunnel of hatred our leaders continue to build as their legacy.