New Year Scrooge and All That

I have no fans or fan club so my quiet reentry into the blogging world will go as unnoticed as my departure. For those who are curious as to why I gave up blogging I can only say it was due to my disillusionment with blogging. So what was I disillusioned about you may ask, but I have no answer which I can remember. Maybe I simply wasn’t achieving the level of fame I thought blogging would bring. Maybe blog wasn’t the answer. For those who are now way past the edge of their seat in curiosity as to why I am back again I can only say I have discovered that Blog is a many splendored thing and what the world needs now is blog, sweet blog. I have also realized it is just as important to find out why we blog as much as how we blog.


I would normally wish people Happy New Year or All the Best around this time of the year but this year I decided to not put more rubbish in people’s head. It’s not good to do people’s jobs for them and filling heads with rubbish is the job of politicians and clergymen. Also, those greetings are customary and empty. We do it because we are afraid no to but fear is not the answer. Furthermore, asking someone How Are You is a highly rhetorical question and as such, more than other rhetorical questions, requires deep silence because it is a reflex action greeting. Since I do not wish people happy new anything I simply look at people with disinterest and grunt vaguely as they offer their hand to be shaken as a gesture of goodwill while spewing new year greetings. They think I belong to some strange religion that doesn’t believe in fireworks. I might also come across as sour and that is my intention because I am a born again New Year Scrooge.