Hair-Goal, hair-goal!!

The hopeless, and once Almighty England decided to ask Almighty God to help them win their crucial match against Trinidad and Tobago, but God, not being one for favoring one country over another for ethical reasons, especially in the World Cup, firmly declined. England, desperate to look like a football playing nation once again then turned to the Almighty Referee who, being from the First World, had absolutely no trouble in favoring the pseudo football playing country over the better team.

Hair-goal, hair-goal cried the proud and lackluster English, as they pulled their way through to the second round of FIFA World Cup 2006!

2 thoughts on “Hair-Goal, hair-goal!!

  1. i don’t know how somebody (in power who could do something to change things) did not see this and did not choose to do something about it …maybe its a matter of opinion …we played great that day and even better today … I am still Proud

  2. I am not really accusing the refree of anything undrernhand but emotions can run high, and out of control during The World Cup. That is why most people are addicted to it. Four years from now I will look at this blog and it will remind me of my past sporting emotions 🙂

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