Soca Warriors 2006

Today is the start of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, an event that not only billions of people all over the World were looking forward to for the last four years, but also a few North Americans. Football is the most widely played competitive sport on planet Earth, followed by strip poker, and finding parking in Port of Spain. For the next few weeks, until the 9th of July, the Word, except for North America, will not be the same, and in fact be a much better place. It is events like The World Cup, which makes the Planet livable and people insanely happy. With all the competitiveness between the 32 nations which qualified, and even those which didn’t, there is also togetherness. Sport has unified more people on the planet than any religion, or crusade against terror.

Trinidad and Tobago, the smallest nation to ever qualify for this event, will make their first appearance tomorrow. That is an historic event, which will be proudly written in all the future history books. I wish the Soca Warriors well, but what’s more important, the World already has. The World Cup is much more than a sporting event, it is a necessity, and If it didn’t exist it would have to be invented.

Long Live The World Cup!!!

9 thoughts on “Soca Warriors 2006

  1. Trinidad and Tobago played Sweden today and were the overwhelming underdogs. The Swedes were probably counting their goals before the match, and unless they counted up to zero, they would have been terribly wrong. The final score for that match was:

    Trinidad and Tobago – 0
    Sweden – 0

    This is the same as saying Trinidad and Tobago WON!!!!

  2. Yep,Shaka Hislop saved the day 🙂

    Sweden 0, Trinidad and Tobago 0
    By JOSH DUBOW, AP Sports Writer
    June 10, 2006

    DORTMUND, Germany (AP) — A draw never felt so good.

    Led by captain Dwight Yorke, Trinidad and Tobago players paraded around the perimeter of the field, saluting their fans and savoring a moment few thought could happen.

    Last-minute starter Shaka Hislop turned aside countless chances from heavily favored Sweden, and Yorke provided a steadying influence on a besieged defense to help Trinidad post the first real surprise of this World Cup, a 0-0 draw Saturday night.

    “This is what football and dreams are all about,” Yorke said. “To come up against a mighty footballing country of Sweden’s status and obviously being a tiny country like ours — it’s a massive result for us. Massive.”

    Despite playing nearly the entire second half a man down, the Soca Warriors never gave in and sent the Swedes trudging off the field in dejection.

  3. World Cup : Trinidad and Tobago Define the World Cup :
    Argentina Impress

    Bill Hutchison,
    Frankfurt, Germany.

    Ten men Trinidad and Tobago held Sweden to a surprise draw to define what the FIFA World Cup means to soccer.

    To say this was a battle between a David and a Goliath is an understatement.
    Sweden are ranked 16th in the FIFA World Rankings – T&T are 47th.

    Despite being penned in their own half for most of the game – and having defender Avery John dismissed in the second half for a couple of reckless tackles – the Soca Warriors held back a tidal wave of attacks by Sweden to record what amounts to a victory for a nation appearing in their debut World Cup finals.

    Sweden will regret their many missed chances and must now defeat Paraguay to advance.

    T&T’s historic first World Cup point means England will progress to the second round of the competition – if they beat Trinidad and Tobago next Thursday.
    Forewarned is fore-armed Mr. Eriksson.

  4. hs, it’s not your fault. You are not living in a World Cup country despite the best efforts by the US to monetize soccer 🙂

  5. my heart sank today in the 82nd minute, and in the last couple of seconds. amazing how i wasn’t as revved up as everyone else (though i wanted us to win, of course) but nothing’s ever felt to me like what that felt…screw world cup fever, i have passion for my country…love and goodwill for our boys…

    win or lose, we are fighters. such spirit we showed. we’ve won already.

  6. When England scored that first goal I felt like a balloon that had just popped – in a shambles. At that moment, the country was collectively silent and we collectively cried. As you said, on the bright side we already won because doing your best is the same as winning, and you can’t do better than that.

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