Indonesian quake death toll passes 4,300

The worst devastation was in the town of Bantul, which accounted for three-quarters of the deaths. One man dug his 5-year-old daughter out of the rubble of her bedroom only to have her die in a hospital awaiting treatment with hundreds of others.

“Her last words were ‘Daddy, Daddy,'” said Poniran, who like many Indonesians uses only one name.

“I have to start my life from zero again.” said Poniran’s father.

Here is my question – Does it matter what was the nationality, color, race, or, God forbid, the religion of Poniran? And if so, why, and to whom.

4 thoughts on “Indonesian quake death toll passes 4,300

  1. Here is my question – Why would those things matter? My answer to your question is: of course not! His devastation is no more or less than any person, of any nationality, colour, race or religion. Granted, if Poniran lived in the first world, the media would be all over his story, jerk tears from us for a couple of weeks, put him on Oprah, make us cry some more, and then forget about him as soon as his story stops drawing ratings. If that’s care and concern, then I’m sure he doesn’t want it.

  2. I think human suffering has become a spectator sport. It’s good that the media makes people aware of the suffering of others, but in the real world commercial aspects takes precedence over people.

    For some reason someone’s nationality, race, social standing etc makes people care more, or less.

  3. sigh… it doesnt matter to nature or God, but from the looks of the media, mentalities etc today…it matters to ‘people’ … sadly

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