Aka Carnival

Here is the much unanticipated Sneek-Peeks of the new, exciting, never before seen, sadly lacking in content blogs called The Misadventures of Aka_lol – the Ultimate Zen Blogger and Comment Specialist.

  • She was about six feet long, forteen inches wide, eight inches deep, and scarcely bulged on any side. She had just been crowned Queen and aka thought she would make a good ruler.

  • Aka was facinated by the book, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” so naturally, after he died he expected to meet them. When no one came Aka realized this was going to be hell.

  • Aka wanted to be ignored all his life but when it finally happened he didn’t like it one bit. It felt like winning a lotto the same day money was decleared obsolete.

  • He was called the local Mr. Bond for two reasons. The first reason had to do with how scecretive he was and the other was that he lived up to his name.

  • Aka had managed to fight off twenty swordsmen without so much as a scratch or the need for extra strenght deoderant. He was not only prolific with his sword, but also with his imigination.

  • Mini accused Aka of not answering his phone but Aka, a firm believer in the truth and infomercials, said this was not so. The truth is that Aka always answered his phone but not when it was ringing. It was less stressful that way.

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