Aka’s Blog Life

Aka decided to share his blog-life with the public so he once again agreed to having Mini…..conduct an interview. This is what never happened.

Mini: You have suddenly posted three blogs, four if you count this one. Why?

Aka: Four comes after three but before five, that’s why. If you meant why three blogs, or four if you count this one, then I would say it was an impulse.

Mini: Are you normally impulsive or not?

Aka: I am a blog-engineer; we are trained not to be impulsive in life and sometimes in blogging.

Mini: So that is what a blog-engineer is, a non-impulsive life-bloger.

Aka: Yes, and also irresistibly charming.

Mini: You definitely missed that boat. Anyway, I understand you recently received an email which went on and on about your frequent blog comments and your blogs.

Aka: That is true, and the email didn’t even come from a blogger, but a very good friend of a few years.

Mini: Were you offended by the email?

Aka: Not at all, she was in high praise of my comments and my blogs

Mini: Who is she? Never mind. Why do you comment so much Aka? Do you have too much time on your hands? Is it some type of mental illness? What?

Aka: Why so negative? My blog comments are my way of telling people I read what you wrote and I either understood what you said or didn’t. My comments might be my way of saying that people matter. People don’t blog to be ignored Mini, except for me perhaps, but I love being unnoticed, most of the time anyway.

Mini: That is strange, why do you like being unnoticed?

Aka: I am up at 4:30 am every morning by choice and my cell starts to ring at 5:30 am. It doesn’t stop until late in the evening, or at night on a bad day. People are constantly after my attention at work so that is why I sometimes enjoy being not noticed, even if only in blog form.

Mini: What are your passions Aka, what keeps you going everyday?

Aka: That’s easy, my photography, the web, people, Mini Skirts, life, my job, my Honda, and cell phone ads.

Mini: You are not serious, are you?

Aka: Yes I am.

Mini: What are your vices?

Aka: According to my friends I am one of those poor unfortunate fools who never managed to develop a proper vice except for blog commenting and photography.

Mini: That is sad.

Aka:I know, but on the other hand they say it is the vices which makes a man interesting, so that would account for me being on the other side of interesting.

Mini: What turns you on in women?

Aka: I was about to ask you the same thing but I doubt you would tell me. What I find attractive in women? That would be hard to say, other than the perennial pair of nice legs wrapped in a short skirt, nice brain, good sense of humor, hips that don’t stay still. There are too many variables in that equation which would give a good answer.

Mini: Very interesting answers. Aka, you seem to be happy, are you?

Aka: Yes and yes. I don’t want to elaborate but I am not a down or depressed type of person, except when I think about West Indies Cricket. I am enjoying my life everyday.

Mini: What’s next for Aka? Where is he headed?

Aka: I might beheading to Pt. Lisas today.

Mini: Very funny Aka, I mean where is your blog and your life headed?

Aka: My blog has a mind of it’s own so I don’t have to worry about that. As for my life, all I can say is that I don’t see any need to change course but I might just change my cellular provider and also upgrade my PC. I think I will start to read Stephen King’s The Gunslinger again or reread The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams was the best. I also need to make some website edits and call a friend in Colombia, they are three hours behind us so I will call around 9:00pm.

Mini: You and your Colombian fixation! Let’s move on. Do you think people will read this conversation?

Aka: Would you?

Mini: No, it’s not very funny, or interesting.

Aka: Never said it was.

2 thoughts on “Aka’s Blog Life

  1. ahh … attention; though there are many seekers in the world, i find more entertaining the ways in which they each choose to lure in their prey to get that attention.

    If you fall victim mind you, you are caught in a web of very sticky deceit. It is very difficult to escape.

    I advise being careful of whom you give ur attention to …

  2. Thanks again fire 🙂

    Too much attention giving can be nerve racking for a loner like aka 🙂 At least the type of attention people normally ask of me is not too intense and I am ok with that. I also agree with you that we can also easily give away too much of our attention to the wrong things or the wrong people because we create the wrong impressions of them based on our own needs. I still love my camera and my website nevertheless. Thinking about it now, maybe that’s why I dislike cell phones, it is an attention sponge 🙂

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