Dear Blog Friends

Dear Blog Friends,

When people ask me why I don’t blog more often I ask, which came first, the chicken or the egg. So far, almost half the people voted for the egg and the other half only eat fish because of the recent bird flu scare. My mother always said if you blog more then people will come, but I doubt she knew what a blog was but she said it anyway. Most people are like that, making pronouncements on things they know very little of like how to remove a permanent butt-tattoo or where to get them. In my line of bloging a level head, along with careful thought, is necessary if I am to continue to contribute to the much-needed human development of this planet, which I am now a part of despite loud protest from certain circles and a few other out of shape people. That would account for my lack of blog.

Unlike you, my Blog Friends, I have no over flown toilets or roommates from hell. I don’t write poetry or know any lyrics by Creed. I didn’t find the Googleplex first or even know about nine precious gifts. I also don’t know how to make Divas or how to start a new beginning. Despite not knowing, all these topics were in my head long before they appeared on my fellow bloggers blogs, but as the old saying goes, he who hesitates will take longer, and probably will not get a cheap Digicel phone.

The competition for comments in the blog-world is vicious and this has made the blogging atmosphere tense and not as friendly as it once was. Despite this turmoil in the industry I believe in letting people know they exist and they are not forgotten, if I remember that is. That is why I comment on blogs, even if only four or five paragraphs. In my opinion, we must always appreciate what we have and also pay homage to the five greatest inventions of our time, the wheel, the blog, the blog comment, the semi-permanent tattoo and the bikini.

Best Regards


8 thoughts on “Dear Blog Friends

  1. Speaking of comments on blogs:

    1. I really enjoyed this sunday calalloo on thursday.

    2. The creator of dilbert – the cartoon – gets several hundred comments on his daily blog and very consistently i might add.

    I think he won the competition if there is one.

    I didn’t put a link b/c i am not sure if i could end up in court for it. But you can find him on – the home page has a link.

  2. ding dong, very pleased. You need not use a stamp for that composition as it seems to be digitally formatted.
    The bikini wearing tattoo is scary…

  3. LOL, “the bikini wearing tattoo”. very well put Cuke. And I agree 😐

    Just to let you know aka_lol, I appreciate your comments greatly. Always very funny, thoughtful and caring. Not sure if I like your blogs or your comments better. 🙂

    And no, although you don’t speak of overflowing toilets, or anything related to your actual life…:|…which is why i think most people read others’ blogs….you still give us all an interesting and delightful read…not something i’d say about most.

    Hope that didn’t inflate your ego too much…sort of brings a new meaning to what your mother said doesn’t it? Kidding. 🙂

    Looking forward to the next one.

  4. You know fire, the worst part of a Sunday callaloo on Thursday is Friday morning at around 3:00am till 🙂

    I understand the creator of Dilbert is the character called Dilbert and it’s not really a comic but the real thing. It a new trend called reality comics.

    It’s sad that one Dilbert feature can suck so much of the comments away form blogs that are equally deserving, like this one and those of my unfortunate blog friends 🙂

  5. Cuke, do I get four digital stars for this digital composition 🙂

    Bikini wearing tattoos can be scary and have been seen roaming beaches and poolside all over the world for ages, terrifying thousands of women and the egos out of men.

    I am on a selfless crusade to document this frightening phenomena before it eradicates itself due to either overexposure or new decency laws. There are two things in life a man never forgets. One is a bikini wearing tattoo and the other is not wearing a bikini 🙂

  6. hs, I was on the verge of hanging up my blogging gloves when I read your comment. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, and they can be very wild some nights, that I had such a profound impact on your life. I am truly flattered and so to is my ego.

    Don’t worry too much since my ego hasn’t gone to my head and the last time I checked it was about two inches shy of this happening. Maybe I need a bigger head 🙂

    I do say much about my life in this blog but, like the Dilbert comics, I only appear to be a cartoon character. I can assure my blog friends what you read in this blog is my life as I see it. I also think most people’s lives would be very funny if you were to take away the sadness and the time spent in traffic 🙂

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