Dear Aka

Dear Aka,

I am one of those many women who take offence to most of your blogs. It’s not only your poor use of grammar, esthetic use of punctuation, or shabby attempt at humor, but it’s also the way you portray women in your blogs and movies. Personally, I find you make too much unreasonable fun of women and not enough reasonable fun of men. I believe Mini has a right to be annoyed but you don’t want to take her seriously. Yoo are cocky and arrogant and I wish you a bad woman.

Dream Woman

Somewhere Out There


Dear Dream Woman,

Where have you been all my life?

I am not sure if you are really offended by the blogs or the fact that Mini is having a hard time with me. I think most women would have a HARD time with me but I am not going to use this blog for cheap advertisement and ego inflation.

It’s about time I reveal to you who Mini really is – she is a blog character who lives somewhere in my head, and speaks incessantly, but with a pleasing tone, crossing and uncrossing her legs at the most inappropriate times while I am looking from the most appropriate angle. Mini is a combination of women I have met, liked and feared. Some I have met in person, while others I have met via email, movies, umbrella, runaway-car, blog, and divine intervention (according to them that is). Apart from her taste in clothes, choice of interviewees, and amazing leg-crossing skills, Mini may not be the woman of my dreams but just a woman in my dreams. Mini, like Aka, is a work in progress and you never know what they would do next, or where they may do it. Stay tuned.

In real life, I find women are frighteningly intelligent and accurately perceptive, that is why I make so much fun of them via blog. I am afraid, very afraid to do so in person because I want to live and blog longer. My humor is my way of reducing that fear and it’s the equivalent to whistling in the dark, or telling a joke in the cemetery at midnight while searching for spare body parts on Halloween night.

Yoo are cocky and arrogant. Was that a typoo or meant to show disrespect for aka? No offence taken so it must be a typoo. Doesn’t cocky mean arrogant? In a man’s world cocky doesn’t mean arrogant so thanks.

I wish you a bad woman. Thanks again, I needed that.

Here, There and Everywhere

2 thoughts on “Dear Aka

  1. Mini may not be the woman of my dreams but just a woman in my dreams.

    Aye, there’s the rub! As our friend the bard would say.

    Isn’t it too often that you men focus on the women in, or those who are only fit to be in your dreams? You men wouldn’t notice the woman of your dreams if she slapped you in the face, would you?

    lol, i keep looking out now for a reference to the now infamous ego. 🙂

  2. The problem with the male ego is that it keeps popping up in the most likely places.

    I couldn’t resist that one 🙂

    Believe me, I would notice any woman who slaps me out of my dreams. I am not that into the spanking thing but if that is what turns you… Anyway, the women we dream of are not the women we end up with because we simply can’t afford them 🙂

    I am really playing with my life here 🙂

    Most men make good choices but most women make bad ones.Surrendering to his male instinct can be a man’s greatest undoing, and women suffer for it.

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