Are you stressed out, tired, can’t stay up at night or stay up period? Does life seem to be passing you by and only stopping to pick up other people? Then you need to fill out a product registration card and and describe your OOBE for the thrill of a lifetime. Yes OOBE, out-of-box-experience. Apparently, companies that make things that come in boxes such as ink jet printers, toasters, curling irons, electric toe nail clippers, chicken pluckers, cell phones and other vibrating devices want to know what that very private moment was like for you. This request is hardly ever in the form of a multiple choice question with answers ranging from wow to you must be joking. Sometimes the lonely data entry clerk in the warranty office wants you to write him or her a two-line essay. I always write him or her truthfully because I am a man and men are naturally truthful, and full of it as well. I write this underpaid, social misfit, sayings things like “I could hardly get it out of the box and had to have a friend help me pull it out. Needless to say this was quite embarrassing since I am a robust male with a big ego and there were several females in the room looking on and hoping it did not break since they needed to use it that night.” Writing something like that can make my day and now I am addicted to the out-of-box-experience. I would say you haven’t lived unless you, not only write about write about your favorite OOBE, but actually have one.

p.s. The photo above shows a small sampling of the boxes I have collected over the years. I never met a box I didn’t like.
p.s.2 Don’t shoot the messenger, bury him alive…… in a box.