Con-flum-mox-ed – No Laughing Matter

He said: What movie do you want to see?

She said: Anything, it doesn’t matter.

He said: Ok, let’s see Hostel.

She said: No, not that, it’s scary.

He said: I thought you said anything.

She said: Yes, anything but I don’t want to see a scary movie.

He said: Walk The Line then.

She said: No, not that, it’s too country musicish.

He said: Fire Wall?

She said: It’s Firewall and no, too teckie.

He said: Memoirs of a Geisha?

She said: Read the book already.

He said: Good vibrations?

She said: Never heard about that, is it a Disney movie?

He said: Ahem! I don’t think so. I am seeing three x’s next to it and a duck, but I don’t think it’s Donald.

She said: Get serious, it’s the middle of the week!

He said: I am serious and I thought you said anything.

She said: Yes, yes, anything I am in the mood to see. Why are you turning red again?

He said: Do you know the meaning of the word “anything?”

She said: Yes I do and I am beginning to understand that you don’t.

He said: Now I am conflummoxrd.

She said: I thought we agreed you would not use that word anymore until the true meaning was sorted out.

He said: But I can’t wait on the Oxford people forever. They are currently studying it and wrote back saying they were Conflummoxrd.

She said: A likely story. I bet the Oxfordians are men.

He said: Two men actually, James Conflummoxed and his brother Jessy.

She said: No wonder they are Conflummoxed. How do you pronounce it.

He said: Con-flum-mox-ed. It’s a very sophisticated sounding word, almost like a serious medical condition.

She said: Is there a cure?

He said: Not yet but I am sure a breakthrough is eminent.

She said: Don’t you mean imminent?

He said: Can’t a cure be both eminent and imminent?

She said: If it’s a cure for Conflummoxed I suppose it can be both. What are the symptoms?

He said: A chronic case of infrequent, pathetic and meaningless blogs.

She said: Like this one then?

He said: I am afraid so.